Lady Laments say no to a marriage proposal


Here's an account of a Nigerian Lady recognized as Mary, who said 'No' to her boyfriend of three years when he popped the question.

She says she wasn't prepared, and even in the wake of giving her sweetheart the 'kindly don't do this' look when he was going to go on his knees, regardless he felt free to popped the inquiry.

Presently she's lamenting that she made him extremely upset, and needs him to return so she can state 'Yes' to his proposition to be engaged.

"My name is Mary, I wantonly said 'No' to my beau of three years per month back, humiliating him before his companions, my companions and exactly few relatives since I figured I wasn't prepared.

I truly wasn't expecting the proposition, he completely got me off guard on my birthday and I was frightened, I gave him every one of the looks of 'kindly don't do this' the point at which he dropped on his knees and drew out the ring, yet he proceeded to propose.
I said 'No', I made him extremely upset! Consistently from that point forward, I continue seeing his eyes as I grabbed my fingers from his grip and mouthed the word 'No' over and over.
He anticipated that I would bounce for happiness, shout and move or even weep for bliss yet wasn't expecting the reaction he got. 

I LOVE David, I truly do, yet I simply wasn't prepared for the proposition thing in addition to me some way or another lost it that night and got frightened.

David has refused to talk with me, he voyaged promptly and won't connect. I have tried to apologize and clarify things, yet he isn't perusing my messages. I can't call him!

I just attempt through the online networking yet he isn't understanding them!
I am sad, I adore him, I need to state 'Yes'… How would I approach this, I heard he's gone to South Africa to chill after the blow I gave him.

Help me, I am 24… I would preferably wed David now than sit tight for another man."

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