Donald Trump just confirmed that he's an unrepentant racist


Donald Trump has called the rest of the world 'shit-hole'. Leaders of the developing world should see this as a challenge.
Amid a gathering with administrators at the Oval office on Thursday, one source cited Trump as saying; "For what reason do we need every one of these individuals from 'shithole nations' coming here?"

As indicated by a CNN story of what unfolded; "Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin and South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham conveyed an arrangement to Trump that included slicing the visa lottery down the middle and, at the command of the Congressional Black Caucus, the rest would go to underrepresented nations in Africa and Temporary Protective Status countries, including Haiti. 

"One individual informed on the gathering said when Durbin got to Haiti, Trump started to inquire as to why we need individuals from Haiti and more Africans in the US and included that the US ought to get more individuals from nations like Norway".

White House everything except affirms

Trump's remarks apparently stunned legislators some of whom continued to spill everything to the media.

White House representative Raj Shah did not deny the "shithole" comment, CNN reports.

Shah however said in an announcement that Trump "is battling for lasting arrangements that make our nation more grounded by respecting the individuals who can add to our general public, develop our economy and acclimatize into our awesome country."

Worker hater

It isn't the first occasion when that Trump would send bigot slurs as he manages whatever is left of the world.

In December, The New York Times (NYT) detailed that amid a gathering at the Oval Office in June, Trump said foreigners from Haiti "all have AIDS", Afghanistan was portrayed as a "sanctuary of fear mongers" and Nigerians living in the US were laughed at by the US President for living in cottages back home. 

"Forty thousand (transients) had originated from Nigeria, Mr. Trump included. When they had seen the United States, they could never 'backpedal to their cottages' in Africa," the NYT piece read, citing sources at the gathering.

At the time, Trump was smoldering at the quantity of workers in the US, disregarding all his movement bans.

However Trump's posing isn't coming as a shock on the grounds that amid his battle to end up US president, he proposed a hostile to foreigner and against Muslim motivation which initially appalled before desensitizing whatever remains of the world.

It says a ton when the purported pioneer of the free world turns into a genuine and present risk to whatever remains of the world, one imprudent comment at any given moment. 

Trump has never shrouded his despise for ethnic minorities or for individuals of different races. He pines to free the US of migrants sometime in the not so distant future. It's a motivation that keeps him up around evening time.

The test

As the third world unloads the most recent supremacist slur from a president who produces them by the truckload, Trump's against foreigner acting ought to be viewed as a test to pioneers of these nations he so loathes. It's an ideal opportunity to quick track advancement back home keeping in mind the end goal to diminish flood of people to the created world.

To change an isolated, protectionist president remains a pipe dream, best case scenario. Trump has dependably been a president who needs to manufacture dividers and more dividers. You can't educate an old canine new traps, they say.

Trump won't change his identity, however whatever is left of the creating scene can change what they've turned into—a giggling, mocked stock.

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