Vocalist stops live show to caution a male fan never to hit a lady


Wizkid couldn't stand a man hitting a woman at his show as he stops the show mid-approach to caution the boisterous man.
Wizkid halted his live execution at his show in Uganda for a brief timeframe to get out a fan who hit a woman while the show was on. 

The music star who couldn't keep down needed to speak to the person never to hit a woman and toward the finish of his announcement required the woman being referred to come up the stage. 

"Mr man doesn't touch that young lady, you are a person don't touch that young lady hear me out hear me out. One adores one cherish. Wizkid's show is about affection, we lecture love, we are about adoration" he said. 

"Try not to touch that young lady, ensure that young lady is okay, don't touch that young lady ensure you ever touch a lady in your life " he cautioned the man who was attacking the lady. 

He additionally told the security official at the show to "expedite her stage, expedite her phase with me, she's going to party with Wizkid."

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