Tunde Ednut discharges more picture of Bobrisky being tossed over the door by police after he was captured a month ago


In November, reports about Bobrisky capture circulated around the web, with many giggling and ridiculing the cross-dresser, and self-acclaimed King of Snapchat.
Pictures were quickly shared on Social Media, and trust folks on Social Media to troll him.

Presently, here's the thing, Recall in November additionally, Bobrisky's previous gateman, Jacob responded to his Oga's capture and said they tossed Bobrisky over the door, in light of the fact that the entryway was bolted after he went to purchase Coca-Cola and groundnuts. 

In Jacob words, he said; 

"I was not around when the police went to the house to capture my Oga. I went to purchase coke and groundnut. One of our neighbours disclosed to me they beat him up and tossed him over the door since I bolted it before I cleared out! My Oga requested that me not talk any longer please allow me to sit unbothered!" 

Obviously, many individuals didn't trust Jacob… and Now a photo of Bobrisky "being tossed over the entryway" has risen, and it was shared by Tunde Ednut who composed; 

"3 WEEKS AGO WHEN BOBRISKY WAS ARRESTED. I HAD THIS PICTURE "Selective" TO ME ON THE DAY HE GOT ARRESTED, BUT I DIDN'T JUST WANNA POST IT, BUT OH WELL THIS IS IT – This was the means by which he was cuffed and packaged out his "leased" individual house. Jacob bolted the entryway from outside, they had no real option except to package him over the fence. He was not permitted to convey his SNAPCHAT FILTER over the fence. He went ahead online networking to deceive us that it was a lie, he was never cuffed, he was just taken to Abuja for addressing. He should quit lying. Label YOUR FRIENDS TO SEE THIS. #StopTheLiesBobrisky #SameBlackJeans"

Picture of Bobrisky’s House.

Tunde Ednut is responding to the way that Bobrisky has been lying about Jacob on Social Media… Earlier today, MC Galaxy shared a video of his visit to Jacob's Father in Jos, where he uncovered that without a doubt Jacob's dad is sick, and his leg is going to get severed.
MC Galaxy didn't leave Jos, until the point that he favoured Jacob with N300,000, and guaranteed to pay him the half-year pay bobrisky is owing to him.

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