Noun TMA Question and Answer BIO191: General Biology Practical 1 TMA2


Question and Answer for  BIO191: General Biology Practical 1 TMA2

Question 1 : An aspirator has__________ tubes
Ans:- Two

Question 2 : The culture of microorganisms is best done in the laboratory using
Ans:- Laminar flow

Question 3 : In the laboratory disposal of spent materials are done on __________
Ans:- The incinerator

Question 4 : One of the following is not a laboratory equipment
Ans:- Slide cabinet

Question 5 : The labels of stock solutions in the laboratory should contain all except one of these information
Ans:- Name of person that prepared it

Question 6 : Which of these is not a glassware?
 Ans:- pH meter

Question 7 : Which of these statements is correct about biological drawings?
 Ans:- Drawing should not be too small or too big

Question 8 : Which of the following equipment utilizes steam for sterilization?
Ans:- Autoclave

Question 9 : The Pteridophytes are --------------- producing vascular plants
Ans:- Spore

Question 10 : To display general instructions in the laboratory, which of the following factors should be least considered?
 Ans:- Wordings

Question 11 : Dissecting trays contain
 Ans:- Wax

Question 12 : The operational range of temperature in an incubator is between
 Ans:- 22-50°C

Question 13 : An aspirator is a device used for collection of
Ans:- Small insects

Question 14 : Used culture plates are better sterilized in the laboratory using
Ans:- Autoclave

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Question 15 : When you make a cut on a fruit from top to bottom along its length, it is also called
Ans:- Longitudinal section

Question 16 : The Transverse Section (TS) of the stem of water leaf is made in the lab using
Ans:- A razor blade

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Question 17 : Magnification of biological drawing is
Ans:- Expression of the actual size of specimen in mathematical term

Question 18 : Which of these items of the laboratory is out of place in the group?
Ans:- Hot plate

Question 19 : Which of the following items is out of place in the report of your experiments
 Ans:- None of the above

Question 20 : In the operation of an autoclave when the discharge outlet valve is closed, ---------------- minutes are needed for sterilisation?
Ans:- 20

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