Noun TMA BIO 191 TMA 1 Solution


BIO 191 TMA 1  Solution.
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Question 1: Talking in the lab might
Ans:- Contaminate microbial experiment

Question 2: The essence of dissecting an animal or insect is
Ans:- To display the internal organs/system

Question 3 : In T.zilli the anal fin located ______________
Ans:-  Posteriorally

Question 4: What is a lab coat?
Ans:- A coat made of white material worn in the lab

Question 5: You do not smoke in the lab in order to avoid
Ans:- Fire

Question 6: You keep the lab clean in order to
Ans: -  Avoid contamination

Question 7 : In the African toad, the snout of the head is  ____________
Ans: -  Rounded

Question 8: Why is wearing short in the lab not advisable?
Ans: -  To avoid injury

Question 9: You avoid making noise in the lab because
Ans: -  you will disturb others

Question 10: The African toad protects itself when handled by the production of which fluid?
Ans: - Milky

Question 11: Wearing  of a lab coat is
 Ans: - Professional

Question 12 : _________constitute the largest number of living vertebrates
Ans: - The bony fish

Question 13: You open up a rat with
 Ans: - Scissors

Question 14: If you eat in the lab, you are likely to
 Ans: -  Injure yourself and alter your results

Question 15: The male Agama agama is easily distinguished with its
Ans: -  Redhead

Question 16: Which of the following statements is incorrect about a microscope?
Ans: - It is kept in a damp place

Question 17: To maximize the light gathering ability of the microscope lens, you add______between the object and the cover glass
Ans: -  Immersion oil

Question 18 : Animals for dissection are held down on a board or tray with
 Ans: - Pins

Question 19: Tilapia zilli belongs to the Order
Ans: - Perciformes

Question 20: When viewed from the side, the head of T.zilli is what shape?
Ans: - Triangular