CHM 102 TMA Question and Answer


CHM 102 Question and Answer 10 of 10 score

Question1:- Explain why the bonds formed in $$SP{^3}$$ hybrid orbitals are stronger and stable compare to the bonds formed by using pure atomic orbitals?
Ans:- In $$SP{^3}$$ hybrid orbital, the electron density is concentrated in one direction leading to greater overlap.

Question2:-When molecules are formed it can be deduced that?
Ans:- All of the above options

Question3:-Who proposed the model of orbital hybridization?
Ans:- Pouline 

Question4:-The name of the compound whose structure appeared here $$CH{_3}(CH{_2}){_6}CH{_3}$$ is ___.
Ans:- Octane

Question5:-The formula $$CH{_3}CH{_3}$$ represents the ________for ethane.

Ans:- Condense structure

Question6:-The structure which shows how various atoms are connected to each other is called?

Ans:-Lewis structure

Question7:-These two factors can affect the shape of a molecule in covalent bonding

Ans:- Bond length and bond angle

Question8:-When is bond dissociation equals bond energy

Ans:- molecule is diatomic

Question9:-what type of energy change is experienced when covalent bonds are formed?
Ans:- release of energy

Question10:-Which of these statements is correct?

Ans:- the electron density in sigma $$(δ)$$ bond is maximum along the internuclear axis 

Question11:-Which of these shows how a sigma $$(�?)$$ bond is formed.
Ans:- sideway overlap of p orbitals

Question12:-Which of these shows how a sigma $$(δ)$$ bond is formed.
Ans:- edge on overlaps of pure S and P orbitals

Question13:-Which of these is a methylbenzen compound?
Ans:- Toluene

Question14:-the following compounds are not $$Sp^{2}$$ hybridized except?
Ans:- alkene

Question15:-Below are factors affecting bond lenth of a compound except?
Ans:- presence of side group

Question16:-The rapid decolouration of bromine is a test method which determined the presence of what?
Ans:- $$C�?�C$$ bond

Question17:-The process by which alkyl halides are converted to alkenes in the presence of strong base is called?
Ans:- Dehydrogenation 

Question18:-  Alkylation reaction is a reaction that leads to the attachment of ______ on a molecular fragment.
Ans:- alkyl group 

Question19:-The hydroboration of terminal alkynes gives?

Ans:- aldehyde

Question20:-  When a conjugated diene is treated with an unsaturated compound called dienophile to yield a cyclic system the reaction process is called.
Ans:- Diels-Alder reaction  

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